Welcome to Bookette. My name is Sanne De Greef. We are an ecological cutting flowerfarm with gardens in Overijse and Sint Joris Weert. From April – October  we  provide weddingflorals. We also offer workshops in the garden and series of bouquets. We only use flowers straight from our gardens, and we only work to order.

Why ecological flowers? We are resolute in choosing ecological flowers: no artificial fertilisers or pesticides in our garden! We let nature find its own balance - our garden is a mini habitat in itself. A logical choice if we also want to be healthy at work. The Belgian scientific institute for public health has investigated pesticide residues in non-organic cut flowers. The result? As many as 107 different pesticide residues. Many flowers are flown in from the other side of the world, and others are cultivated in Europe in heated greenhouses. None of this is necessary, as flowers can easily be cultivated close to home without burdening the environment. * source :Velt

All pictures on this page ©Annemarie Vandeputte

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