About us

Bookette was born from a love of natural beauty, for working in the garden and creating with natural colours and forms.


Sanne De Greef works part-time at Duizendblad in Ternat, where she is responsible for the organic cut-flowers. She founded Bookette as her own side-project with a view to marketing in the region between Overijse and Leuven. Three times a week Sanne brings fresh flowers from the field in Ternat to use in Bookette’s bouquets and festive arrangements. 

After completing her architecture studies at St Lucas Hogeschool in 2000, Sanne worked for 15 years with people with disabilities. In between, she gained experience on various organic farms. 'As a child I came into contact with colours, music, stories and lots of natural materials, and during my studies I gained a great admiration for architecture. But it is nature that touches me most deeply: living with all its imperfections and the beauty that resides in them. Sharing that with others is the driving force behind Bookette.'




...makes me breathe better.

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