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Bookette was born from a love of natural beauty, for working in the garden and creating with natural colours and forms. After completing her architecture studies Sanne De Greef started working with people with disabilities. In between, she gained experience on various organic farms. 'As a child I came into contact with colours, music, stories and lots of natural materials, and I gained a great admiration for architecture. But it is nature that touches me most deeply: living with all its imperfections and the beauty that resides in them.' That's  the driving force behind Bookette. Sanne is combining her half time job as an educator of autistic children with her passion for flowers. She's a free lance florist and lends a hand at the Fleuropean workshops. Besides that she loves to go for walks into the woods with her friends, familly, dogs and horses.


All pictures on this page ©fleuropean



Fleuropean      Farmer florist, hand-dyed silk ribbons, workshops

De Appelfabriek   Organic apple and pear farm and vegetable shop in Neerijse

Duizendblad   organic flowers Ternat

't Legumehofke    CSA organic vegetable farm Neerijse

De Witte Beek CSA vegetable farm Bierbeek 

La petite épicerie de Nethen Local grocery Néthen

Le Buls Table d'Hôtes  St Lambrechts Woluwe 

Bio-Planet Leuven




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