Gift voucher

We offer a gift voucher for a subscription of a series of bouquets. 

Series of bouquets / 100 euros: either 8 bouquets of 12.50 euro or 4 bouquets of 25 euros.

Series of bouquets /50 euros: 4 bouquets of 12.50 euros.
You can buy the voucher at any time, but bouquets can only be collected from April to October on our fixed collection dates. Currently we are planifiying the upcomig collection dates for 2019 and we'll publish them on this page soon.

The recipient can choose the  dates for the subscription out of a list (April to October) and the collection point where he / she picks up the bouquets.

 How does it work? Contact us by mail or Phone to place your order.  You pay with payconiq or by bank transfer to our account BE75 7390 1518 5551 (BIC KREDBEBB). We send you the gift voucher by mail as soon as we receive your payment, and the recipient call's us or sends us an e-mail to fix the collection dates.

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