Placing an order:
Please fill in the order form at the bottom of this page, or call us on 0474 67 70 30 and tell us what you're looking for.
Picking up an order
You can pick up your order from our Bookette studio every day on appointement:
Bergstraat 44 
3090 Tombeek-Overijse  
Or you can also collect your bouquet from one of our collection points. 
 We woud like to ask you to pay on account number BE75 7390 1518 5551. You can also pay in cash when picking up your order (Please pay in the exact amount).

We take orders from April to October.
Please indicate the desired color in the “Comments” field. Some colors may not be harvest-ready, but we will do what we can to match your preference.



Price Quantity


16 flower stems and foliage

€ 25

large bouquet

23 flower stems and foliage

€ 35

extra large bouquet

30 flower stems and foliage

€ 45

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