A series of bouquets

A series of bouquets

We want to offer you the possibility of a series of bouquets. You can also buy a GIFT VOUCHER  containing a series of bouquets. In our experience it's hard to predict the precise moment of harvesting . That's why we choose not to make a list of delivery dates. Instead we'll send you a textmessage at the start of the weeks we'll be delivering. You can  text us back to place your order for that week. Bouquets will be deliverd on Fridays at our  collection points. During spring our delivery dates will be rather limited but from June we'll be offering bouquets twice a month. It is NOT possible to transfer non-collected bouquets from your series to next season 2020. It is possible to prolonge your series of bouquets until August 2019.

Series of bouquets at 50 euro: 4 bouquets at 12.50 euro.

Series of bouquets at 100 euro: 8 bouquets at 12.50 euro OR 4 bouquets at 25 euro. 

Please contact us for further information or to place your order.

Payments can be made by transfer on our account number BE75 7390 1518 5551 (BIC KREDBEBB).

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