Learn more about our self-cutting CSA project

Do you want to collaborate on our organic project?

Are you tired of sitting still and waiting for change?

Do you want to enjoy some outside fieldwork?

Then our 'CSA self-harvest project' might be something for you.

 If we want healthy and local products, we will all have to roll up our sleeves. Fortunately, at Bookette, this is  a pure pleasure!

Our cutting field is located at Dijlestraat 10, 3051 St Joris Weert.

 Easy to reach by train and bus!



CSA stands for 'Community Supported Agriculture'.  If you choose CSA, you're supporting a sustainable relationship with the farmer, you also support a regenerative agriculture and a common goal. READ MORE >>


This is how we work:

You now buy your harvest share for an entire flower season (April to October 2022).

You have the choice between 2 formulas:




  • If you opt for the first formula, you'll collect your tulip bouquets at 1 of our collection points in April and May.
  • For self-picking, you'll be invited to the information moment before the start of the season. Your presence is really needed because I'll be teaching you how to pick your flowers.
  • You are NOT obliged to come and pick weekly. You come whenever you like, how often you like, spread over the months of June-July-August and September. Your share entitles you to 16 bunches of 20 stems. That equates to 0.80 €/ stem. You cut a maximum of 4 flowerbunches of 20 stems each per picking.
  • You have to keep track of how many bunches you harvest. We work in confidence.
  • I'll inform you by email when there is a lot to harvest or when the flowers are scarce, and which varieties are  blooming.
  • You are happy to follow the rhythm of the garden: when there is abundance you pick more, when the flowers are scarce you pick less.

You consider the garden as a living being. You'll be harvesting with respect.